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Classic Koi Pond Filter Pad FINE - White Bulk Roll Pond Filter Media, Ultra-Durable Pond Filters for Outdoor Ponds, Reusable Fish Pond Filter Material, USA (3/4" - 1" x 12" x 48")

Classic Koi Pond Filter Pad FINE - White Bulk Roll Pond Filter Media, Ultra-Durable Pond Filters for Outdoor Ponds, Reusable Fish Pond Filter Material, USA (3/4" - 1" x 12" x 48")

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Brand: Aquatic Experts

Color: White


  • EXCLUSIVELY MADE FOR KOI PONDS - Our 1 inch thick Classic White Fine Koi Pond Filter Media provide excellent mechanical pond filtration for clean water while providing important oxygenation for your ornamental garden pond. Designed for ponds, but great for aquariums, too!
  • CRYSTAL CLEAR POND WATER - Place your koi pond filter pad in flowing water such as water being pumped through your pond skimmer box to trap to remove uneaten food, waste, decaying plants, detritus, and other large and fine floating particulates from the water. Changing filter pads regularly will increase water quality by removing solid organic compounds before they continue to break down and add additional nutrients to the water in your pond.
  • CUT TO FIT - Made in the USA! Our bulk Classic White Pond Filter Pads can easily be cut to any size needed and will save you even more money over purchasing ready-made, pre-cut filter media. This Pond Filtration Media is CONSTRUCTED OF DURABLE POLYESTER FIBERS bonded by our special resin to give it exceptional strength.
  • DURABLE AND REUSABLE - Our Custom Durable Design resists warping, breaking, and tearing caused by leaves, twigs, and sticks. Easy to rinse clean with a garden hose and re-use many times. Perfect pond filters for koi ponds and Water Gardens! Our Classic Pond Roll’s consistent, reliable design gives superior filtration.
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY - Our aquarium filter media roll is completely safe for all fish and other aquatic life.

model number: WF12X48

Part Number: WF12X48

Details: Our Classic White Koi Pond FINE Filter Media Roll is custom designed for use in Koi ponds and other outdoor water garden applications.
This EXTREMELY DURABLE filter media material is lightweight, yet incredibly strong at 1 inch thick. Works great in your pond skimmer box
or any other filtration, and designed to work perfectly in combination with our BLACK RIGID KOI POND COARSE FILTER PADS.
Its interwoven structure is rigid enough to handle the elevated weight and quantity of debris that are associated with an
open outdoor pond containing Koi fish. It filters out the small contaminants to create CRYSTAL CLEAR POND WATER. Our custom
fiber weave design not only traps unwanted debris, but also provides an immense surface area which is ideal for beneficial nitrifying bacteria.

Our bulk Classic Pond Filter Pads are tough enough to RESIST DAMAGE FROM HEAVY DEBRIS such as sticks and leaves,
while still providing a high flow-rate required for oxygenating the large volume of water flowing through the filter systems
or skimmer for your ornamental pond. This means healthy pond water conditions, and healthy aquatic plants and animals!

This filtration material is also washable and easy to clean with a garden hose. It can be easily rinsed and reused many times.
Our Classic White rolls can be cut into sheets to fit any size pond filtration system. Save money buying these
bulk Koi pond rolls versus buying pre-cut pads. These unique pond filter mats are proudly made in the USA for Aquatic Experts.

Package Dimensions: 15.3 x 10.2 x 6.7 inches

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